LMR Cables & Connectors
Times Microwave's patented flexible RF coaxial cables.


Coax Selection Guide


  • Flexible: More flexible than corrugated copper cables often eliminating the need for jumper cables.
  • Low Cost: The most cost effective choice for antenna feeders and jumper cables.
  • Easy Connector Attachment: Connectors suitable for quick field attachment using common hand tools or available stripping tools.
  • Low Loss: Loss comparable to corrugated copper cables.
  • Weatherproof: Black UV protected polyethylene jacket for long term outdoor exposure. LMR-DB watertight construction standard on LMR-900|1200|1700 (optional on LMR-195 through -600). Connectors provided with gaskets and shrink boots. Bonded aluminum tape resists moisture ingress.

Special LMR Products

  • LMR-DB:
    Watertight flexible coax meets Industry Standard watertightness tests ASTM D4565, REA PE39, ANSI S-84-608 while
    maintaining the same excellent performance properties as standard LMR. The inert flooding compound completely eliminates
    all paths of water migration and ingress for long term reliability (10 year warranty).
  • LMR-FR Riser and LMR-LLPL Plenum Fire Retardant Cables:
    The LMR-FR cables have fire retardant, low smoke, non-halogenated jackets. The jackets are UV protected to allow installation
    outdoors or indoors. They provide identical electrical performance to standard LMR cables. They are UL/CSA ‘CMR/MPR (PCC-FT4)’
    listed for installation in risers and are approved for use by the London Underground. LMR-LLPL is UL/CSA ‘CMP/MPP (PCC-FT6)’
    listed for indoor use in air handling plenums, where maximum fire retardancy and minimum smoke generation are dictated.
  • LMR-UltraFlex:
    A stranded center conductor and a more flexible jacket make LMR-UltraFlex ideal for applications requiring repeat bending.
    Available sizes include 240, 400, and newly introduced 500 and 600. Attenuation is about 15% higher than for standard LMR
    cables. LMR-UltraFlex cable accepts standard LMR connectors.
  • LMR-MA Mobile Antenna Cables:
    The MA or mobile antenna versions of the LMR cables provide improved performance compared to RG-58 for mobile antenna
    feeders in high frequency applications. The LMR-MA cables feature PVC jackets for better flexibility and easier installation and
    non-bonded outer conductor tape for ease of connector attachment.
  • 75 Ohm Versions:
    Please consult TMS for further details.
    E-Z Connectors: The EZ series of connectors are the quickest and easiest to install high performance connectors available. They utilize push on
    center contacts to eliminate soldering. They are available for LMR-400, 600, 900, 1200 and 1700 cables.
  • Prep Tools:
    Available for LMR-400, 500, 600, 900, 1200 and 1700. Easily strips cable for consistent high quality assemblies.
  • Cable Assemblies:
    FlexTechTM factory fabricated with LMR-DB watertight cable, weather sealed and 100% sweep tested for VSWR and Insertion Loss.
  • Hardware Accessories:
    A complete line of supporting hardware, including ground kits, hoisting grips, snap-in hangers, support blocks, entry panels and weatherproofing kits are available.
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LMR Connectors
N (plug)
N (plug)-RP
N (jack)
N (rt.angle)
UHF (plug)
Mini UHF
BNC (plug)
TNC (plug)
TNC (plug)-RP
TNC (plug) RA
TNC (jack)
TNC (jack)-RP
SMA (plug)
7/16 DIN (plug)
7/16 DIN (jack)
7/16 DIN Bulkhead (jack)
7/16 90°(plug)
7/8 EIA Flange



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